Here’s some endorsements from editing clients over the years:

John McFarland, author of The Black Garden:  I have used the editing services of Elizabeth Donald for nearly ten years. She has seen much of my work through their developmental stages to publication, and I have found her to be an invaluable resource with a masterly knowledge of usage, form and structure, as well as a mentor who has helped my fiction become the best work it can be. Aside from being a superb nuts and bolts editor, she has always been a goldmine of advice and encouragement with a genuine interest in the success of her clients and the projects she takes on. Writers at any stage of their creative life benefit greatly from her expertise, encouragement and knowledge of the publishing world.
Marna Martin, author of Strip and Idol Musings:  Elizabeth is a wonderful editor. She has a knack for helping tighten the structure of a story, finding the bits that lag and the digressions that just don’t quite fit. She works quickly and consistently has her editorial comments in well before deadline. Her services definitely add value to the finished manuscript!

Sela Carsen, author of Runespell and Heart of the Sea:  Elizabeth is not only a thorough and experienced copy editor, she understands the ins and outs of story – characterization, motivation, pacing, and structure. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking an editor at any level, whether they’re a beginner who needs developmental guidance, or an experienced author who needs another set of professional eyes on their manuscript.

Nick Rowan, editor at Inkstained Succubus Press:  Elizabeth has done numerous edits for me over the years. She is thorough and timely and her rates are reasonable. She will make sure your work has good grammar and spelling, covering the things the word processor misses. Highly recommended and I would definitely use her services again.