Elizabeth Donald began photography as part of her work as a newspaper reporter, usually quick portraits and spot news images.

Dicktatorship, a student protest at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2017

After her first few novels were published, she began wandering with camera in hand while traveling the country on her book tours, taking side trips to old cemeteries, gardens, lakes, and historic neighborhoods. She has a fondness for caves, fireworks, cemetery statues, dilapidated buildings, high architecture and glorious vistas, as you can tell from the samples in her portfolio.

Silent Cell, Missouri State Prison, 2016. Published in River Bluff Review, 2019.

The hobbyist turned pro in 2012, as the job required more and more spot news photography for immediate online publishing, as well as growing interest in her extracurricular photography. Her work has been featured in art shows, licensed for book covers, and continues to sell at conventions and shows nationwide as well as online.

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