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2023 schedule of appearances:

  • Bart DZ podcast, online. Jan. 16 (guest)
  • Writers of the Riverbend, Alton, Ill. Feb. 4 (guest author)
  • Wednesday Club speech, St. Louis. Feb 8 (presenter)
  • Conflation, St. Louis. Feb. 24-26 (guest author)
  • Second Life reading, online. Feb. 25 (presenter)
  • Writer in the World reading, St. Louis, Mo. March 4 (emcee)
  • AWP, Seattle, Wa. March 8-11 (attending)
  • Banned Books roundtable, Edwardsville, Ill. March 28 (moderator)
  • Writing workshop, Second Life. April 1 (presenter)
  • SIUE Mass Comm Week ethics speech, Edwardsville, Ill. April 20 (presenter)
  • River Bluff Review reading, Edwardsville, Ill. April 18 (presenter)
  • ConCarolinas, Charlotte, N.C. June 1-4 (guest author)
  • TechWrite STL, St. Louis, Mo. July 11 (presenter)
  • Imaginarium, Louisville, Ky. July 14-16. (guest author)
  • Alton Night Market, Alton, Ill. July 19 (guest author)
  • Dragoncon, Atlanta, Ga. Aug. 31-Sept. 4 (guest author)
  • Martin Public Library, Martin, Tenn. Sept. 9 (book signing)
  • Plethora of Pens, Glen Carbon, Ill. Sept. 11 (speaker)
  • Spine Book Fair, St. Louis, Mo. Sept. 16 (guest author)
  • SPJ National, Las Vegas. Sept. 28-Oct. 1 (presenter/book signing)
  • Archon, Collinsville, Ill. Sept. 29-Oct. 1 (LitUnd only)
  • Melting Pot, Granite City, Ill. Oct. 7 (signing)
  • Writers of the Riverbend, Alton, Ill. Oct. 14 (guest author)
  • RWA/St. Louis Writers Guild, St. Louis Central Library, Oct. 21 (speaker/signing)
  • ContraKC, Kansas City, Mo. Nov. 10-12 (guest author)

2024 schedule of appearances:

  • AWP, Kansas City, Mo. Feb. 7-10 (attending)
  • Conflation, St. Louis, Mo. Feb. 23-25 (guest author)
  • Midsouthcon, Memphis, Tenn. March 22-23
  • Sigma Tau Delta convention, St. Louis, Mo. April 3-6 (attending)
  • ConCarolinas, Charlotte, N.C. May 31-June 2 (tent.)
  • Archon, Collinsville, Ill. Oct. 4-6 (tent.)

Note that thanks to the Voldevirus, all public events are subject to change.